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Connection Type: Org News

Monitor all SharePoint news pages published in your organization’s tenancy by using ShortPoint Connect. The Org News connection type allows you to pull content from news sources across all site collections and show it within your intranet page. We will show you how to establish this connection in this article.

Note: If you want to connect to news posts and news links from within your site collection or a specific site collection within your organization’s tenancy, please read the article on Site News connection type. And if you want to present news articles from site pages associated with a hub site, please check out the article on Hub News connection type.



Step 1: Add or edit a ShortPoint Design Element

Let us begin by going into SharePoint edit mode and editing your ShortPoint web part. You can add a ShortPoint Design Element which you will use to display news items. You can also choose to edit an existing Design Element.

We are using Image Lists in our example below and inserting it into a Panel located in the top Section of the page.

Step 2: Select Org News connection type

In the Design Element settings window, open the Connect tab and choose Org News connection type from the selection.

Note: Org News connection uses SharePoint Search and brings all news sources from across your organization’s tenancy. News results may not always be updated as it is subject to SharePoint Search crawl.

Step 3: Complete Connect tab fields

You will find the following fields to complete in the Connect tab:

Item Limit

Set a specific number of news items to present in the Item Limit field. By default, it is set to 0 which means it will display all news items pulled from the source.

Select column to sort

This field provides a quick sort functionality where you can sort content gathered from your news source by Title, Date Created, Last Modified, and Author, and select sorting in ascending or descending order.

Default Image

To ensure that all news articles have corresponding images, you can set a default image to use when there are no images included in the news content. Enter an image URL or select from your SharePoint library.

Date/Time Format

Customize how the date and time of your news posts or links will be displayed by entering your preferred format tokens. We have a support article you can refer to on How to Use Custom Date and Time Formats with ShortPoint Design Elements.

Use Cases

Taking into account how ShortPoint users commonly filter news content, we put together a number of Use Cases you can quickly apply. Click a Use Case and it will automatically filter news posts and links according to parameters you can set.

Some Use Cases may require additional Use Case Parameters such as the Latest Date field in our example below. Default values will appear for the Use Case and the parameters will automatically be applied. You can modify this and enter your preferred parameters. Hit the Parameters Not Applied button to apply them.

Note: You can use Placeholders as your Use Case Parameters. Check out our support article on How To Use Placeholders In Connections.

We selected the Recently Modified Use Case in our example:

After completing all required fields, you can go ahead and click the Connect button to establish the connection.

Step 4: Map Items to display on the page

Navigate to the Items tab and select the content you want to present on your SharePoint site page. Choose items from the dropdown to display on each field.

Note: Please view our ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial article to learn more about items mapping.

For Image Lists, we mapped the Title, Subtitle, Description, and Link to similar news properties. Image sizes as an option in items mapping is a new feature for news connections. We chose Thumbnail Image URL for our content.

Step 5: Insert and Save Changes

We have reached the last few actions to complete formatting our organizational news section. Click Preview to see how your news content will display. When you are finished, you can proceed to hit Insert or Update. Ensure you Save your edits as a final step.

How easy is that? We have completed connecting our ShortPoint Design Element to pull organization-wide news content.

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