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ShortPoint SPFx 6.9 is now available

We are happy to announce that we are releasing ShortPoint SPFx 6.9 for Office 365 & SharePoint 2019, if you have ShortPoint version or higher, you can upgrade by going straight to the ShortPoint Dashboard on your site collection, and click Upgrade and Re-install (as simple as that!), otherwise if you have a lower version than you have to Download and upgrade. 

Office 365 / SharePoint 2019

ShortPoint 6.9 – Issues Fixes Release 

Major Update – Date: May, 12th, 2020


  • From now on, in the Events Design Element, after the user hovers over the recurring icon, the recurrence pattern of the event such as “Weekly on Sunday and Thursday” wll be displayed in a tooltip.
  • In the Connect Feature, we added a new option called “Timezone” to convert all the event times to a given timezone (appears when a Design Element is connected to a SharePoint Calendar).
  • New Code Design Element: now you can add HTML, CSS & JavaScript anywhere in your Classic and Modern pages. Inject your code as-is or in a secured sandbox iFrame.
  • New Text Design Element: now you can utilize all the available fonts & colors from the Theme Builder right inside the Text Design element. Customizations include text shadows, custom CSS snippets, and many more ways to spice up your text.
  • New connections for connecting to Outlook events:
    – My Events: connect to my Outlook events
    – Shared Events: connect to a shared or another user’s Outlook events
    – Group Events: connect to office 365 group events
  • New Image Design Element: add images and take advantage of responsive & panoramic image capabilities.


  • In the Connect Feature, we added a new option called “Expand Recurrence” to either expand the occurrences of a recurring event or show only the closest upcoming occurrence.
  • Items will now be auto mapped for Events / Date List Design Elements (after the connection is established).
  • From now on you can display items horizontally in ShortPoint List Design Elements including Files List, Images List, Icons List, Simple List, and Dates List.
  • We have introduced linking options and height settings for the Text Show Design Element.
  • We have added the possibility to embed a YouTube playlist inside the YouTube Design Element.
  • We have introduced new color options for the Tickers Design Element.
  • We added an option to remember the dismissed alerts and keep them hidden after refreshing the page.
  • We are introducing the new user experience for connections with the following additions:
    – New screen to navigate between all connections in a tile view.
    – Header and footer in the connection screen for better visibility on the connection page.
    – Floating action for the connect button to make it available all the time.
  • Renamed “ShortPoint Generator” to make it simply “Generator” in the ShortPoint Dashboard to make it uniform with other Dashboard tools.
  • Added the “Items Limit” option back when connecting to a SharePoint Calendar.

#What’s Fixed

  • Modified and deleted instances of Recurring Events will now be treated accordingly.
  • In the Events Design Element, events spanning multiple days now display the correct Start and End times (when ‘Group By Day’ option is enabled).
  • “All Day Event” will now always appear in the mapping drop-down when connected to a SharePoint Calendar.
  • Now you can connect successfully to a list with an ampersand (&) in its name.


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