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ShortPoint 6.5 is now available - Performance, Connections, and many more..

We are trilled to announce the availability of ShortPoint 6.5 for Office365 & SharePoint 2019. 

Major Update – Date: August, 20th, 2019


  • Connect to SharePoint site using URL
    New ShortPoint connection called ShortPoint Site Url to allow connect to SharePoint site using site URL incase if it’s not available in Other Sites due to search configuration, search crawl settings or delay on SharePoint search crawl. 
  • Change the layout of a Modern Site
     You can now change the layout of your site using the Theme Builder to make it Boxed or Framed 
  • Backgrounds under frame/box layouts
    As Boxed and Frame layouts become available, you will also be able to add a background behind the site which will be visible outside of the layout. 
  • Assign the visibility to Active Directory Group
    ShortPoint Visibility will now work for users from Office365/AD Security group. 
  • Connect table to all ShortPoint connections
    New table implementation has been done which is able to connect the table to all ShortPoint connections. 
  • Copy & Paste in Page builder
    Now you can copy and paste Web Part contents from Modern pages. 


  • Performance improvements
    Upgraded connections to REST API to boost performance.
    More performance improvements coming soon! 
  • Countdown ShortPoint
    Countdown elements improved with new controls, new styles and mobile responsiveness 
  • Modern ThemeBuilder color fields reorganization
    We have re-organized the Color Palette to make it easier for you to use on the Modern ShortPoint Theme Builder 
  • Expand occurrences of recurring event
    ShortPoint will now expand the recurring events and make sure only configured occurrences would be displayed for recurring events.
  • Removed ShortPoint dependencies on legacy SharePoint objects
    ShortPoint will now not be dependent on legacy SharePoint object (_spPageContextInfo) to avoid conflict with other SharePoint apps.


  • Fixed footer being in the wrong place on Communication Sites
  • Fixed PDF and JFIF files not visible in Asset Picker
  • Fix for not being able to scroll on mobile devices
  • Fixed custom footer being inserted in the wrong location
  • On IE, some toggles inside the Theme Builder had a glitch at their bottoms
  • Fixed ShortPoint Editor fonts being overwritten by fonts set in Theme Builder
  • Fix sections with lazy render enabled not rendered properly on modern pages
  • Fixed table of content work not properly on modern pages
  • Fixed upgrade button was broken inside ShortPoint Dashboard pages
  • In some cases, users were able to break ShortPoint elements in edit mode by clicking the delete button from the keyboard.
  • Fixed incorrect labeling in upgrade notification message
  • Fixed sometimes navigating to Site Pages from the Side Menu breaks the page
  • Fix Theme builder panel fonts are changing when using custom fonts or custom CSS
  • Synchronized ‘Events’ element events dates with SharePoint calendar dates
  • Fixed not being able to hide search on system/list pages
  • Fixed lightbox buttons not working on Modern pages
  • Fixed custom footer being inserted in the wrong location
  • Fix full-width sections are not taking the full width of the screen until a screen resize happens on communication sites
  • In Theme builder, in some cases, users were not able to publish their changes if the Theme Builder was opened on a Site Content page
  • Fixed modern pages mobile responsiveness issue in preview mode
  • Fixed scrollbar not visible in Theme builder in Internet Explorer
  • ShortPoint in some cases used to not work on modern system pages
  • ShortPoint Generator is not in beta status anymore


Donwload section shows Where is 6.5 available?

Hi Prasanna,

Thank you for your interest, The release is temporarily unavailable as we had to roll it back a few days ago.

Our team will keep you informed regarding the new release date. We hope to bring it back soon.

Kind Regards,


What was the reason for the rollback as we had already upgraded to the

Hello James,

We have rolled back the release because of some issues we found after the release was published on our official site. These issues primarily affect ShortPoint Sections and create particular problems in page layout. There were also problems with the recurring events and document preview.

If you experience any of the above in your site, or there is anything else that works incorrectly after the upgrade, please let us know and we will help you to solve the issues by arranging a support meeting.

Kind Regards,


Hello James, 

This is to let you know that we the ShortPoint version 6.5 has been released a few days ago, you can check the updated change log above, 

Please upgrade to the latest version and tell us what do you think,


We're having issues with connections with both photo galleries using the image tile part, and calendars using the events part.  (Basically, we choose our connection 'list' from the dropdown, press the green 'connect' button, but then nothing happens.  Anyone else experiencing this?  We have a Modern Communications Hub site, so I'm hesitant to roll this update out to every Hub.

I have a call scheduled with someone from the ShortPoint team on Wednesday.

Will this update be coming for SharePoint 2016?

Hi Sophia, 

Thank you for your request. I have sent you an update via ticket response, I believe your issue was resolved.


Hi Ben,

Yes, it will. We plan the performance improvement release for On-Premise environments in mid-September; after that we will start working on the feature release so that ShortPoint Farm solution encompasses the functionality we have already released for online. 

So, the answer to your question would be Yes, but it will take some time.

Best Regards,


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