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Upcoming Yammer Features and Options

This article is deprecated. The options listed below are already implemented for Yammer Design Element, starting with ShortPoint SPFx version 6.6. Make sure to upgrade your intranet sites' version in order to get the improvements.

The ShortPoint Yammer element will receive some upgrades!

The first version of the Yammer element that was recently release had a few customizable options, like choosing the Network Link or selecting a specific Yammer Group Feed ID, as well as options to control the size of the element.

In upcoming ShortPoint releases we will improve this element and provide even more customizable options so that you can have more control over the look and feel of it. 

Here's what's planned:

  • Hide Header: Hides the header of the embedded content. The content of the header depends on the Hide network in header setting.
  • Hide Footer: Hide the footer which is by default showing the person's name and a log out link.  
  • Hide Network in Header: If selected, the header shows the text "Yammer conversations". If not selected, the header will show the company name 
  • Custom Prompt Text: The prompt that a user will see when a group or My Feed type is selected. If left blank, the default "What are you working on?" text will be displayed.  
  • Dark Theme: Use a dark background for the embedded Yammer conversations. 

Check out our website for more information and updates about upcoming features and releases.

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