ShortPoint Image List, as almost every other ShortPoint Design Element, allows you to link the items it contains, so the user gets redirected to that page after clicking.

But what if you need to keep things simple and don't plan to link your items? 

The tutorial below will show you how to easily prevent the item titles in the Image List from changing the color upon hover. This will show the user that the item is not linked and is not clickable.


If you want to achieve the right-side result, please follow the simple steps below.

Step 1. Open the settings of the Image List element

In edit mode, hover over the Image List element until the cog wheel appears. Press the cog wheel and you will open the settings of the element. Click the Custom CSS tab at the top:

Step 2: Update the Element with Custom CSS Coding

This is the code you will need to use, please copy it:

.sp-type-image-list-item {
   pointer-events: none !important;

 Paste it into the Custom CSS field and press Update:

That's it! Now all you need to do is to save the page and enjoy the result.

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