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ShortPoint 6.3 is now available - The Social Intranet Release

We are trilled to announce the availability of ShortPoint 6.3 for all platforms. 

Download and upgrade now.

Major Update – Date: May, 15th, 2019



  • Theme Builder performance improvements in view mode
  • Search page & result page are now responsive
  • Prevent adding blank spaces or line breaks before and after Rows inside Section elements


  • Fixed hiding elements in Modern Pages were broken when navigating from one page to another
  • Fixed panel borders not showing on page load
  • Fixed issue with command-bar covering page menu and title
  • Fixed empty space appearing when page is in edit mode in Modern setting after modifying TB settings
  • Fixed active tab not being preserved when selecting a folder from a SharePoint list located inside a Tabs element
  • Fixed linking option not working in Slideshow element
  • Fixed having to double click some links on iOS
  • Fixed hide ribbon (focus mode) arrow not being displayed after modifying Theme Builder settings on subsites
  • Fixed active tab color not being applied
  • Fixed an issue with force-top option on SharePoint Online
  • Fixed behavior for anonymous user in SharePoint 2019
  • Fixed 3rd level nav menu items appearing flat on mobile
  • Fixed 3rd level top nav items not having proper styles applied from the TB
  • Fix for missing ShortPoint Dashboard from site content




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