The LinkedIn ShortPoint element is here as part of the new Social Media Elements Category in the ShortPoint Page Builder. Using this element, you can embed a LinkedIn page Follow button into your Sharepoint pages.

You can find it by either clicking the Social category at the top or by typing "linkedin" in the search bar.

Clicking on the Yammer element will open its Settings tab allowing to customize various options.


Take a look at the demo page we have set up for this design element and see it in action by following this link.

Customization options

The LinkedIn Follow button only requires a single customizable option, and that is the Company ID. LinkedIn suggests finding the company by contacting the LinkedIn company page administrator and asking them to navigate to the admin section of the page. The Company ID can then be extracted from the URL. For example, the LinkedIn company admin section's URL is:, therefore the Company ID is 1337.

We hope this article has been helpful for introducing you to the new LinkedIn Social Media element and showing you how easy it is to use. Happy embedding!