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How to Delete the Old ShortPoint App in Office 365

If you have upgraded to the new ShortPoint SPFx app in your Office 365 SharePoint Environmentand in the Site Contents you have a brand new ShortPoint SPFx Dashboard, you are safe to remove your old ShortPoint App (Add-In), which is no longer in use now.



  1. You have upgraded to the new ShortPoint SPFx app.
  2. You have the new ShortPoint SPFx Dashboard in your Site Contents, and the old app, ShortPoint, is greyed out. 
  3. The user account that is performing this procedure is a member of the Site Owners group.

Note: You cannot delete the app using Modern Experience. This functionality is supported in Classic Experience only, as of now. If you try to remove the old app from Modern Experience, you will see the following popup window:

Action not supported

If you see this, please proceed with returning to Classic Experience and deleting the app as explained below.

Step 1: Ensure you have both Old and New App installed

The first step is to make sure you have both old and new app added to your Site Contents and ShortPoint SPFx is installed

Navigate to your Site Contents and check both the new SPFx Dashboard and ShortPoint SPFx apps. It should look like this:

  • Classic Experience:

Classic Experience

  • Modern Experience:

Modern Experience

Step 2: Ensure you have successfully migrated from Old App to New App

If the migration went successful, you will see below the screen when you click Old ShortPoint App ShortPoint (old):

Old ShortPoint App

Step 3: Delete / Remove ShortPoint Old App

Open the Site Contents in Classic Experience:

Site Contents

Hover over the ShortPoint old app we need to delete. You will see an ellipsis. Please click it:

Click Ellipsis

You will see a tooltip with several options. Please choose REMOVE:

Click Remove

You will see a popup window at the top of the screen asking you to confirm the action, please press OK:

Click OK

Note: When an App  is deleted, it initially goes into the site/user Recycle Bin and is retained there for 30 days. After 30 days, the item is automatically deleted from the site/user Recycle Bin and moved to the Site Collection Recycle Bin. We recommend you to maintain this flow and do not remove it from Recycle Bin unless required.

That's It! You have now successfully removed the old ShortPoint app from your Site Contents.

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