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ShortPoint 7.0 for Office365/SharePoint 2019 is now available - Performance & New Theme Builder

We are happy to announce that we are releasing ShortPoint On-Premise 7.0 for Office365 & SharePoint 2019,  

Lots of cool stuffs are packed in this release, let's see what the team have done?

Major Update – Date: August, 18th, 2020



  • Modern Theme Builder now supports shrink-ed headers from SharePoint.
  • List of site collections in other sites connection type will be sorted alphabetically.
  • List of the site collections in other sites connection type will not be limited to 10 items anymore and will show all site collections.
  • Local storage data will not be exceeded anymore because of ShortPoint data.
  • Theme Builder Colors now are completely re-organized and much simpler to use.
  • Page Builder will not accidentally close if you click on the escape button or even if have done any modifications inside it.
  • Introducing new modern pre-loader to replace old spinner along with fixing spinner never goes in some cases.
  • SharePoint modern partial navigation should support ShortPoint connections after navigating between sites.
  • Improving the performance of editing design elements in the Page Builder.
  • SharePoint SPFx colors will now be automatically generated from the Primary color.
  • Connecting the SharePoint Events has become much faster now.
  • Switching between view and design mode in modern SharePoint page became much faster now.
  • Connecting the SharePoint lists having user or publishing columns has become faster now.
  • Connecting to SharePoint list has become much faster after eliminating calls to get view fields and view query on each page refresh.
  • Activating the Modern Theme Builder will not damage or affect anything on the site.

#What’s Fixed

  • When connecting to an Event List, views of type “Calendar” will not be shown anymore as they are not suitable for connection because of a strict 30 days limit.
  • There will be no problem previewing a design element connected to outlook or events connection.
  • Connecting to publishing images will now work fine in Internet Explorer.
  • SharePoint pages will not be rerendered when opened inside a Light-box or Dialog.
  • Already mapped items will not be overwritten in some cases after reconnecting.
  • Power BI report embedded using logged in user rights option will not ask for re-authenticate for already logged in users.
  • Fixed Hidden page header from the Theme Builder was not visible when you attempt to edit the page.
  • ShortPoint color palette will now be shortlisted in Theme Builder color widgets.
  • All date fields will now appear in the event element’s mapping dropdown.
  • pre-loader icons will now disappear as soon as the connection is established on the page.

#Customer Issues Fixes

  • Links having a % symbol will be supported in Events and other design elements.
  • Fixed an issue that caused full screen sections to stop working recently.
  • Fixed an issue that caused hide title feature to break recently in the Modern Theme Builder
  • Fixed an issue that caused sometimes multiple scrollbars to appear on the page.
  • Fixed issue where list of sites aren’t shown in the modern Asset Picker.
  • Fixed wrong label colors in the modern hub sites navigation bar.
  • Code Design Element should work when attempting to add stock widget code in it.


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