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Modern Theme Builder Mobile and Tablet Preview

Today, most people prefer to use their mobile phones and tablets to access web sites for information. This is why It is critical to optimize SharePoint page designs for viewing not only on desktop devices but also on mobile.

ShortPoint Theme Builder provides you with the capability to preview your SharePoint page on desktop and mobile devices side by side while making customizations.

Continue reading to learn how it works.


Step 1: Navigate to Theme Builder

Click the SharePoint settings cogwheel, open Site contents, and select ShortPoint Dashboard. Press Theme Builder, choose Modern option and hit Customize my site button.

Step 2: Click Icon for Tablet, Mobile, or Rotated View

On the bottom portion of the Theme Builder panel, you will find three icons - tablet, mobile phone, and rotate preview options respectively. Press the tablet or mobile icon to launch a new window with the designated dimensions for the device. Click the rotate icon to toggle between normal vertical view and rotated horizontal view. You can switch between different views anytime.

Here are examples of the different preview options:

Tablet Preview

Mobile Preview

Rotate Preview



Step 3: Customize your SharePoint site

Complete your site customizations on the desktop view window and compare it with how it appears and behaves on a tablet, mobile phone, or rotated view.

Step 4: Publish changes

When you arrive at the best custom design for your SharePoint site across all views, you can publish your changes.

You now have a SharePoint page that has the flexibility to be viewed on different devices.

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