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Ability to upload custom icons to ShortPoint

Many customers are asking for a way to upload their own icons to ShortPoint and be able to use them while designing pages.

You asked for it and we are listening.

We are working on this and will keep you updated...

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The icon set is limited. May be able to upload the custom icon set to shortpoint? 

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We will start working on this feature soon.

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Hi, Is there any update on this feature?

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Hi, Is there any update regarding Ability to upload custom icons to ShortPoint!!

Hi, Is there any update on this feature?

At the moment, support for custom icons is not yet implemented. 

Please submit a ticket to describing your use case, and we will see if there is a workaround that we can recommend accordingly.

Thank you for your interest in the feature.

Hello. Any updates on this feature?

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Hi Kim,

No, unfortunately we have not yet finished work on this feature.

We will keep you updated.

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Hello, just checking to see if there are any updates to this.

Hello Jordin,

Unfortunately, we haven't implemented such feature at the moment.

We will update you here once we have updates on it.

+1 for the implementation of this feature! It's trivial to have custom icons to respect branding and to illustrate specific topics that aren't in your default library.

Thank you, Camille, for you feedback.

We will keep you updated here once it will be possible to add your own icons.

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