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Requesting a professional, resuable way of removing the quick launch bar

We need an element or solution that will remove the quick launch bar (the left navigation) from home pages. For example, for us, the home page of top level site typically does not have the quick launch bar (left nav). Some some sub sites do not use a quick launch bar.  We handled this by using a custom master page from but now we are trying out your responsive button that must use seattle masterpage.  We are enjoying the Force SharePoint Responsive, thank you. 

We tried creating an element and noticed placing style tag with css would not work.

We tried pasting a style tag to a content editor web part.  It does partially work in limited testing but is not practical because we do not want content admins pasting in code.  We would prefer an element that a user could add to any page.  The element will remove quick bar, will remove any responsive quick bar stuff, will shift all content to the left and the page will continue to be responsive.

When we did paste in the css.  Your responsive work showed an empty container in small devices, see images.

We are testing on a web part page, /fullpage-vertical.

Do you understand what we are requesting?

Image 2.png
(18.1 KB)
Image 3.png
(12 KB)

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Thank you for the detailed request and information.

The answer is: using section with force full width you can hide the left navigation. You can add anything inside the section.

Check out this video I have created just now for this case

We will make this even easier in the upcoming version of ShortPoint. We are adding the following option:

Cover header (It will cover the header of the page automatically)

Let us know if this will answer and solve your issue

Thanks, that helps, I saw this example in the demo site as well and I see adjusting the margin top can allow for the top navigation to show if needed.

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