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User Profiles Connection status and other team usability situations

Curious if you believe the User Profiles Connection will be available in the next major release?

Also curious if your thinking about pagination, sorting, searching and other typical user scenarios that occur with a team directory or a subset of a team directory?

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Thank you for the suggestion.

While I am typing text here, ShortPoint team in Ukraine are typing code and testing this feature :) 

The following new connection types will be added in ShortPoint inserter:

  • User profiles: Which include the following filters: Birthday today, upcoming birthdays and field for custom filters
  • People in group: Select a group to list the team
  • RSS Feeds

The sorting, filters, and search is another feature we will release very soon. It will be universal feature and can be enabled for any ShortPoint.

Will keep you updated.

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Where can I find the Birthday filter options.  I made a image list and then was attempting to connect to show upcoming birthdays.


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