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Add new line in Title fields.

Good day,
I need to create a Meet the Team page.
I used the Tiles feature
It is looking like this currently:
I want to get their Titles underneath their name
Is there a way to do it ?
This is the Feature settings:

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Added to the product. Now you can add basic HTML tags inside title field. For new line for example, you can add <br> between the two columns to show them in two lines.

You can now add new line in the Title fields using this tag \n

For example, if the Tile title is: 

ShortPoint for SharePoint. 

You can make SharePoint appear in new line by doing this

ShortPoint for \n SharePoint

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It would be great if the ability to add line breaks was also available in the Description field. Neither <br> nor \n works.

Hi Stacey,

Unfortunately, this is a bug in ShortPoint. This should work. It will be fixed in the release that comes in a few months.

Here is a workaround I created for you: to switch the position of the title and description with some custom CSS (to be inserted into Tiles). I created this one for Flat style but you can also check on other styles and see if it works.  Please check it out:

.shortpoint-tile-content {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column-reverse;
.shortpoint-tile-title {
  font-weight: 300;
.shortpoint-tile-description {
  font-weight: 700;

Here is what it looks like from edit mode:

And in view mode:

Please tell if that worked, will be waiting!

Thank you, Oksana. This works great for the Flat and Flip styles, but it doesn't work so well for the rest of them (see screenshots below). And unfortunately, the preferred styles in my organization are Default and Sarah. With Sarah and Bordered, the "description" text is displayed by default and the "title" doesn't appear until you hover over the tile. And the Default style has lost all movement and behaves the same way as the Flat style except that the text placement is somewhat different. But you've given me something to work with, so I'll keep playing with CSS to see if I can get something that works. I appreciate your help!




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