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Launch local/desktop applications from SharePoint?

Is there a way to launch local apps from SharePoint?


Hello Steve,

It might be something similar to our support article for opening Slack: How to Launch Slack by Clicking a ShortPoint Element

But this option relates to the such possibility provided by Slack in their documentation.

I was able to run MS Teams app in the same way as Slack, adding this command: msteams://

Unfortunately, I was not able to find the documentation for other apps you have here, so I am not sure if the same way will work for all of them.

Thanks! That worked for launching Teams. For the rest of the apps I just included a link to the online versions of the apps.

Thanks! That worked! 

Microsoft has documentation on how URI schemes work for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, Access, Projects, and Publisher here:

It appears that most of the Office Desktop application require a specific document to be associated with the URI command. I would suggest linking your URI address to a blank template (not a blank document) so that you can simulate opening the application like you normally would.

You will need to have blank templates of each document type stored in a library on SharePoint that everyone who will use these links will have access to. If you want to launch Word you would link your icon to: 


The 'nft' tells Word that you want to create a new document from the template you link to. Unfortunatley it looks like Teams is the only Office Application that doesn't require you to also include a document path in your command address. Just don't forget to actually place the blank templates for each of the applications you want to use and make sure that they have the correct template file extension on the end of it and aren't just plain blank documents or you'll have a bunch of people opening the same document every time. I hope this helps!


Thank you for your information provided.

It will be useful for everyone who tries to launch local apps.

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