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Random Starting Image on Each Page Load

We have created a Photography library filled with Inspirational photos that we want to display in random order using a ShortPoint Slideshow. We can bind to a view with Publish Start & End Date, but we want to go beyond that and set the starting index of the slideshow to a random list item ID in our Photography library. 

Does ShortPoint have a webpart that allows a for a different photo to be loaded each page refresh?

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Hi Doug, 

Thank you for your request. Let me please check with our experts if this is possible. Will update you soon.

Kind Regards,
Oksana Aloshyna

alternatively, is there any way add a usecase that gives a Random Number (between 1 and xx) that we can use to pick the image?

Hello Amar,

We are checking for possible solution.

Please allow us some time.

I will update you here.

Hello Michael and Amar,

Thank you for your patience.

It is possible to get the random image order using the Rest API connection.

Please connect to the Library you have:
https://sitename/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('List Name')/items

Once you will add it, please Enable Advanced Settings toggle:

Insert such code to Map Results field:

var items = data.d.results;
var _ = shortpoint.base.libs._;
  items = _.shuffle(items); 
return items;

Click Connect button.

Map the columns you would like to display and click Insert/Update button of the element.

Please let us know if such solution works for you.

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