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Microsoft Stream with Master Account

Set up a Microsoft Stream Webpart to show either a playlist or a single video. Integrate likes with the stream. 

Add the functionality to use "master account" like in your PowerBI webpart

Hello Daniel, 

Thank you for your request.

We will add this idea as a feature request from you.

I logged in for the same reason, I was going to request an Element for Microsoft Stream in order to embed an MS Stream video within ShortPoint just like you can insert a YouTube Video or Vimeo Video. We currently use MS Stream to keep video content secure and in-house versus uploading to a third party service such as Vimeo/YouTube.

Hi Dan, Shane,

At the moment we can offer you to embed Stream videos with the new Code Design Element as described in this article:

How to Embed the Microsoft Stream Video into a SharePoint Page

Also, please check this article as you might find it problematic to use Stream with lightbox or dialogue:

Known Issue: Office 365 Stream Video Does Not Load in ShortPoint Lightbox or Dialog

I would appreciate if you could tell if these solution helped.

We will consider making a separate element for Stream as a new feature request.

Thank you,

Kind Regards,

Oksana Aloshyna

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