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Print Friendly TOC Content

Is there any ability to add a print friendly option to TOC content? The ability to have have print formatting (Page breaks\Page numbering etc) would be highly beneficial due to the nature of this element lending itself towards presenting the user with data that could possibly require conversion to a hard copy.

even the addition of a print button would be helpful. We understand that java script print buttons could be added to the page however in some instances (Sharepoint communication sites) javascripting on pages is not a option. Having his as a native inclusion within the element would be fantastic.

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for the great idea,
We will add this into our feature request list and we will update you once this feature is made available.

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We are urgently needing this capability, can you advise when you believe this may be ready, or is there any other addons we can use for this function.

Hi Michael

We are unfortunately not implementing this feature in the "Urgent" time frame but you can seek third party solution in the meantime.

As stated before, I will add this request as a feature request from you and you will be notified once this feature is made available.

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