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Table Grounding / View

With SharePoint lists one can create views to Group rows of data. I think to be able to pass down a view that is 'grouped' so the user can still expand and collapse grouped records >

 My vision is  the table would display with an  up /down arrow on the left of the first record of a group and then multiple group could be made.

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Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your request and my apologies for the delay in responding.

This is a very popular request, but unfortunately, we have not implemented this in the product yet. ShortPoint elements do not support grouping items at the moment.

As an alternative, you can use list views and put them into Accordions or Toggles elements; nevertheless, this workaround will requite you to change the settings of the SharePoint lists, which is undesirable, as I understand.

I will add your request to the list of our product feature requests and will inform you when there is any progress regarding this one.

Kind Regards,

Oksana Aloshyna

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