6.5.2 Turbo SPFx / 6.4 On-Premise has been released

We are thrilled to announce that we are releasing ShortPoint SPFx 6.5.2 for Office 365 & SharePoint 2019, and ShortPoint 6.4 for SharePoint 2013 & 2016 platforms.

Download and upgrade now. 

ShortPoint 6.5.2 – Turbo Boost (Office 365/SharePoint 2019)

Minor Update – Date: September, 17th, 2019


  • Section Improvement
    Improved speed of the section elements


  • Fixed slideshows get broken when you resize the window
  • Fixed possibility to set SharePoint Header background on sites that have ShortPoint installed
  • Fixed team Web Part becomes broken when inserted into a Section

ShortPoint 6.4 – Performance Improvements (SharePoint 2013/2016)

Major Update – Date: September, 17th, 2019



  • Improved speed of ShortPoint load
  • Improved load time for connections
  • Improved initialization of Social Elements
  • Improved initialization of Social Kit Design Elements when placed inside other Design Elements


  • License expiry days calculation fix
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