This document will help you to let links inside ShortPoint Table component open in a new tab.

  1.  Open ShortPoint Theme Builder: Utilities - Custom Javascript.

  2.  Paste the following code inside the Custom Javascript field and click apply.

    (function () {
        'use strict';
    function fixLinks() {
        if (!shortpoint.$('.shortpoint-table[data-shortpoint-type="table-dynamic"] a').length) {
            setTimeout(fixLinks, 200);
        // element is ready, let's fix it
        shortpoint.$('.shortpoint-table[data-shortpoint-type="table-dynamic"] a').attr('target', '_blank');

            The following code will search for dynamic tables inside of your pages and change the target attribute of every link inside a dynamic table to target="_blank".  

  1.  Click the publish button and all links inside the dynamic table will open in a new tab.