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ShortPoint Widget 4.6.2 is now Available for SAP Cloud Portal

We are thrilled to announce that ShortPoint Widget 4.6.2 is now available for the SAP Cloud Portal Platform.

In this release, we have added new connection types, improving existing connections with dynamic parameters, and added a support to the SAP Web IDE Full Stack.

What's in this release?

#NEW: Connection - REST API

If you have a lot of end points to connect to, you may have noticed that it can be time consuming to go to the Web IDE and edit a JavaScript file every time you want to connect to a new API,

With this new connection type, you'll be able to add the connection URL right from the ShortPoint Page Builder, without any need to edit a JavaScript file and redeploying the whole widget again, check this recording!

#NEW: Connection - RSS Feeds

Very similar to the REST API connection, this new connection type will enable you to connect to various news sites on the internet through RSS, and be able to render those news using any ShortPoint element.

#IMPROVEMENT: Dynamic Parameters in Connections

Now it is possible to include dynamic values in the connection URL, such as locale, user ID, or any other information that exist on the page by using the Change Parameters and the Change Path functions, opening up a whole new world of possibilities!


  • ShortPoint Widget is now compatible with the SAP Web IDE Full Stack
  • Preloader of the Connected ShortPoints sometimes keeps spinning on the screen

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