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Colorful Icons for PDF and other file types in File List

Many of ShortPoint customers are worried that colorful icons for PDF and other non-Microsoft Office file types are missing from the File List design element. Like in this example:

At the moment, ShortPoint support colorful icons only for Microsoft document types. Nevertheless, this is a planned feature and we will extend support for colorful icons further.

As a workaround, I can suggest you to use single-color icons instead of the colored ones. You can turn off the colorful icon feature in the File List settings:

As a result, the PDF icons (as well as image icons) will display like this:

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Any update on when the colourful icons for non Microsoft documents will be implemented?


Hello Ben,

No, unfortunately, this was not yet implemented. We will try to move implementing this feature a bit closer. I will update you once I have a time frame.

Thank you,


Hello Ben,

We are glad to inform you that a feature to add colorful PDF icon you have requested has been added to our product.  It is available from the 6.7 version for Online and SharePoint 2019 environments, and from 6.8 version for On-Premise environments.

Thank you for making ShortPoint better!

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