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Upgraded Counter Boxes with Meters, & Gauges

I would like to see an upgrade or addition to the counter box that would allow the data to be displayed in other formats such as animated meters and gauges. The current counter box is limited in its current form. I've included some examples below:





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This is on the roadmap. Will keep you updated and thank you so much for the suggestion.

In the upcoming 6.5 release the change log indicates that the "Countdown ShortPoint - Countdown elements will be improved with new controls, new styles and mobile responsiveness." Does this update reflect improvements to the Counter to include meters and gauges or is this referencing the Countdown element only?

Hi Shane,

Thank you for your request. The update for the Countdown element will include an important responsiveness fix. The Countdown element used to have some responsiveness problems in modern pages when the page was resized in a computer browser as well as in mobile and tablet screens. 

Also, the Countdown Element has acquired some new visual styles:  outlined, solid, and transparent.

Meters and gauges have not yet been developed, but we will be working on it. Also, remember that you can customize ShortPoint elements with CSS and if you want, we can help you with that one to create a unique style.

Kind Regards, 


Any assistance with customizing the counter element via CSS to get meter and gauge functionality would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Shane, 

This is Anas from the product team,

First of all thanks for your constant feedback, and for helping us making ShortPoint better, 

We really appreciate customer's who tell us exactly what they need, this is really helpful :)

First of all, we're planning to create Progress Bars and Gauges new element by end of this year, so the wait is about to end :)

You will be among the first to know when we're about to release it so you can give us your feedback,

And regarding the upcoming Countdown improvements, 

You can check the following article to know what to expect in the upcoming release as an improvement to Countdown: 

Any assistance with customizing the counter element via CSS to get meter and gauge functionality would be greatly appreciated.

If you are referring to the same designs that you have shared previously on this Forum, I am afraid that such behavior is not possible to do with some Custom CSS.

Thanks again Shane,

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Hi there,

I wanted to find out if this was going to be put on the road map to 2020. It unfortunately was never implemented before the end of the year last year. I understand that there can be development delays and issues that come up and other features end up taking priority. I just want to know if I can expect this anytime soon.

Thanks in advance

Hello Shane,

Thank you for your update on this request.

It is in our plans for this year. We will update you here once it will be ready, your feedback will be important for us.

What about this evolution ?

Hello Jeremy,

It is still not implemented in our product.

We keep it in our list of features that are planned.


The "Gauge" feature is really helpful for us, can you please let us know of any progress on development?

I can't see any element there

Hello Adeel,

Good day to you.

This feature is on our roadmap. You may check the feature request here:  Create gauges and other types of graphic for Counter Boxes element | ShortPoint 

You can also upvote for this feature.

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