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Custom Form Builder

I am submitting a request to implement a Custom Form Builder in ShortPoint to aid the end user in constructing custom forms for populating SharePoint Lists. With the deprecation of InfoPath users are forced to build forms in PowerApps or a third-party option. I've personally found PowerApps to be overly complex for the simple task of editing SharePoint List Forms and have found the third-party options to be "overkill" will their own front and back-ends with far to many features that will never be used by the more basic ShortPoint user. Additionally the other options, including PowerApps, don't have the same visual styling as our ShortPoint elements and look out of place when inserted into pages.

After a lot of research, I discovered that there is an opensource SharePoint Forms Platform that works with just JavaScript, CSS, and HTML called StratusForms. The only problem with Stratus Forms is that all of the form building has to occur by writing HTML/CSS/JavaScript from scratch without the ease of use of a GUI like ShortPoint. To remedy this, I have come up with a concept of how this could be added to ShortPoint without the need to develop an entirely custom forms system from scratch using the open source StratusForms backend.

Assuming you've thoroughly StratusForms' documentation and videos and have an understanding of how it works, I've put together a mock-up of how I think this could be implemented in ShortPoint:

  1. Add a new button to the ShortPoint Ribbon to insert a Forms Element


  2. Use Bootstrap Form Builder as a basis for creating ShortPoint Form Elements


  3. Use all the great themeing and styling techniques already native to the other ShortPoint Elements.

  4. Connect the ShortPoint Form you created in the Form Builder to the SharePoint List of your choice

  5. Have gorgeous forms that look like the rest of ShortPoint embedded in the page or in a LightBox from a Link on the page.

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Thank you so much for the detailed request. It is very helpful :)

Unfortunately, Forms are not on our roadmap and mostly they will never be. It is more complicated than you think to build a form builder and it will require a new business model and a team from our side. That's why we can not promise or plan for this in the future.

Thank you


AppForms can be a good replacement for InfoPath to build forms in SharePoint. It's not a complex tool. In fact, a form can be built by simply dragging and dropping items from the left side pane.


Thank you Abhijith for your suggestion. ShortPoint will not work on forms customization, and this is one of the limitations of our product. Still, thank you for your feedback and interest in our product!

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