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Request New Type of Slider


I wanted to either make a feature request, or see if someone might be able to tell me how to create what I am looking for myself with the ShortPoint Generator. I am trying to create a type of slider that doesn't seem to currently exist to recognize employees for different reasons such as a birthday, exceeding a sales goal, employee of the month, a new born baby, etc.

I basically would like to have a list that functions as a slider. It would have the option to either display an image or an icon on the left side with text on the right side that would be mapped with the standard fields; Title, Icon, Description, Date, Body, Image, URL. The user could then use Connect to map the Employee's name to Title, include an Icon (that would be displayed next to the title so I could include something like a Birthday Cake icon or what ever icon is relevant to that employee's recognition scenario), in Description may the reason the employee is being recognized, an optional date field should we want to display an employees birthday, a small body section to give a short summary for why we are recognizing them, a URL field that it could link back to a page with more details if it was necessary, and finally the image URL that would be displayed on the left or if an image wasn't include the icon mentioned above.

For the most part, this already exists without the slider functionality as a basic Image list missing though without all the fields I'm requesting. If an image list could be converted to a slider, it would meet my basic needs. 

One idea I had to implement this would be instead of creating a brand new ShortPoint Element for this request, add a switch to each ShortPoint List Element that would cause that element to be rendered as a slider on the page instead of as a repeating list items. I would request that these additional fields be added in that scenario. I have included a mockup of what this Element could look like as an attachment.

Also, as a temporary measure until something like this is created, if I could build this myself in the ShortPoint Generator, could someone explain how I might go about doing so?


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We like this suggestion very much.

We will add a new feature to all lists that will enable you to show the items in Slider, Grid or List.

We are planning the work now and will keep you updated

Hey there,

This was a bit of an old request, but I wanted to find out if this was something I could do myself with some CSS and if so could I get some assistance in doing this?

Thank you in advance

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