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Insert Web Parts and App Parts into Custom Elements

I would like to request the ability to insert Web Parts/App Parts (such as the Search Bar, Lists, Content Box/Script Box, or any other Web Part/App Part) into custom created elements within the ShortPoint Generator. This would make it significantly easier to rapidly replicate a particular Web Part element that needs to be deployed across multiple pages. If this functionality was enabled, it would make updating a Web Part on all the pages it was replicated to extremely easy; if a change needed to be made to that Web Part, it would only need to be updated once within the Generator instead of going to each page and manually updating the Web Part individually which is tedious and time consuming.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Try to add %%content%% in the new created element. For example, add Panel to the new created element, and inside the panel content add %%content%%


In any SharePoint page, try to add the new design element.

You will notice that you can now add web parts inside it.

I understand that you would like to add web part in the generator page. 

This is not possible now, but let me check with the team.

We are looking into a way where you can add SharePoint web parts and app parts directly in ShortPoint Generator (the custom elements)

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