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[Developer] Customizing ShortPoint & Adding Additional components


A few questions here around development and customization of ShortPoint.  From a developer point of view, is it possible to add additional customizations into ShortPoint?  For example:  

1.  Is it possible to add new customizable templates to the Page Builder?

2.  With any template available through the page builder, is it possible to add a new display style for individual elements?  :Like Accordions, Image Carousels, Events Buttons, Date List, Count Down or Tiles?  

3. If these are possible, is there is any documentation on how I might get started on accomplishing these additional customizations?

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Hi Ed,

1. Yes. This feature is called the ShortPoint Generator and can be accessed from the ShortPoint Dashboard.


2. The customization of the display styles is available in the element settings. Some elements can be customized to a greater extent than others. Most of the elements can be customized by using the controls in the Settings and Advanced tabs:


You can visit our Demos Website to see the examples of different element styles.

In addition, certain element features can be changed to fit your needs with the use of some Custom CSS coding.

3. Currently, all the documentation is available at our support website, in the Knowledge Base. We are constantly adding new articles and updating information there. If you could not find the answer on the support website, please submit a ticket here.

Best Regards,

Oksana Aloshyna

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