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Pagination for Icons-list and other list elements would be nice to have

For example, I have a long list of results and I would like to be able to control the amount to show per "page".

Thanks for your time.


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We are planning for this and even more. You will be able to set Sorting, Filters, Items limit, paging and more in the connect tab.

In your case, you are using icon list inside panel. If you set a height for the panel, you will see a scroll bar in the panel. 

Check out this example:


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This is a pretty old request, but I also need Pagification, sort, & filter for Date Lists, Icon Lists, File Lists, etc. I hope this is something that can be added soon.


Hello Shane,

Yes, we were still not able to deliver such feature to our product. We have such feature for the list elements in our roadmap, and we are planing to have it implemented in one of our future releases soon.

I am not able to provide you with the ETA for this feature, but it might be in the end of this year.

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