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ShortPoint to Support Modern Pages and Sites

ShortPoint will support modern pages and sites soon

#1: ShortPoint Page Builder - Inserter

ShortPoint Javascript Webpart for Modern Pages is coming soon. You will be able to use ShortPoint in modern pages.


#1: ShortPoint Theme Builder - SharePoint Branding and Site Customization

Microsoft still did not release the API to customize modern sites using custom Javascript and CSS. But they will be supported along with other scenarios. Check out the following articles from MSDN:

Customizing "modern" team sites
Customizing "modern" site pages 


Important: Microsoft are not deprecating the "classic" experience, both "classic" and "modern" will coexist.

Currently, the only supported way is with color palate and you can add a background image. 

Once there is a support for custom Javascript and CSS, you will be able to use ShortPoint to customize modern pages and sites.

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We are thrilled to announce that ShortPoint SPFx is now officially available



You can start and try now yourself ShortPoint on both modern and classic SharePoint pages.

Download ShortPoint SPFx

ShortPoint SPFx is now in beta. Please send us an email to if you want to be part of early adaptors team, and help us during testing.

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