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Rotating Background Images

We have used your Background shortpoint and created sum stunning pages… the fact that you can add as content other shortpoints and even other web parts, is fantastic.  To make it even better, it would be ideal to be able to define a series of background images, and for the Background shortpoint to display a different one each time you access the page.  I’m not asking for it to change every x seconds while on the page, but for it to cycle to the next defined image each time I return to the page.
For our applications, would be really nice for the Home page, with all the rich content, to do the same.

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This is something that would enhance your offering even more for some small coding.  Since we are locked into using the software with no way to access code, it would be nice to have this available a singular update rather than waiting for a full software release.

We are planning to implement this feature. We like it :) Will keep you updated this month about the release date.
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