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SharePoint Branding and Site Customization

This is not another template for SharePoint. Use ShortPoint theme builder directly on your site, build your own theme and apply it to your site instantly. Without customizing master pages. This is 100% Javascript and CSS solution.

Ability to customize:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Menu
  • Typography
  • Branding
  • Mobile Views
  • Site Layout
  • Page Layouts
  • and hundreds more

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Thank you, Alex.

Good idea, as always :)

Maybe we can also make menus collapsable or the side navigation in its own tab. Will let you know. 

More mobile menu icon placement options would be nice.  For example on the left side.

For our needs, the option to place the mobile menu icon underneath the logo would be nice.  Similar to what was available in shortpoint 4.x.  





The homepage section of branding and customization. How does this work?

Is this a place where you can set home page properties that will effect all pages that have been marked as a homepage. For example, 10 subsites have ten homepages. I go into this property, make some changes and publish. Now those ten homepages will inherit those changes?


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