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SharePoint Branding and Site Customization

This is not another template for SharePoint. Use ShortPoint theme builder directly on your site, build your own theme and apply it to your site instantly. Without customizing master pages. This is 100% Javascript and CSS solution.

Ability to customize:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Menu
  • Typography
  • Branding
  • Mobile Views
  • Site Layout
  • Page Layouts
  • and hundreds more

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We are happy to announce that we will release in a couple of weeks new feature called: ShortPoint Branding. It will work on your SharePoint sites and will enable you guys to customize anything and without editing master pages


To join the early adopter program, reply here.

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We are interested in early Adopter program. - Thank You

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Hi I want this

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I would like to join the early adopter program


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Looking forward to these features! We should expect these feature on classic experience areas correct?  What about modern experience areas?

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The first release will support classic pages and sites.

Regarding SharePoint Online Modern Sites and Pages
Microsoft still did not release the API to customize modern sites using custom Javascript and CSS. But they will be supported along with other scenarios. Check out the following articles from MSDN:

Important: Microsoft are not deprecating the "classic" experience, both "classic" and "modern" will coexist.

Currently, the only supported way is with color palate and you can add a background image. Once there is a support for custom Javascript and CSS, you will be able to use ShortPoint in modern pages and sites.

ShortPoint Javascript Webpart for Modern Pages is coming soon

Soon you will be able to use ShortPoint in modern pages. The release date is planned to be on March 2017.


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First video preview of the beta version

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awesome tool make life easy using ShortPoint for SharePoint on all SharePoint


We are so excited to tell you guys that we started rolling out the first version of ShortPoint branding and site customization features. Except email from us shortly.

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The latest branding/customization video tutorial is helpful. Thank you.

The new version is released. Visit

Can not wait to hear your feedback guys :)

There will be another version in the following two weeks.

Thank you

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Very thankful for your efforts.

again, good job. love being able to set the logo url so it can always go to the top level site.

mobile menu - quick launch nav (left nav) can be hard to find underneath global navigation (top nav). especially when the global launch is long, you have to scroll down a bit to reach left nav.  maybe a jump to quicklaunch/left nav link to the left of the active mobile menu. clicking the link would surface the left nav. 


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