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Employee Directory via people search connection roadmap

Hi, I am getting questions about this subject so I wanted to ask for an update on this element/solution.

I am getting asked about the following scenarios.

1.  Pagination on an image list element (or any list for that matter).  Specifically, an image list element that connects to a distribution group.

2. Ability for the table element to connect like the other elements (instead of the drop down source and view properties that currently exist).

3. A shortpoint solution for the typical employee directory list scenarios (unless you are already seeing this on microsoft's roadmap)


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We have implement people search connection type as first part of this feature. 

Now, we will include filters toolbar functionality to all ShortPoint 

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Is this functionality available with the new version?

Yes. You can now use people search connection type to read data from SharePoint Users profiles. This feature is part of every design element we have and you can show your team in over 50 different designs



Employee Directory using short point is this planned !



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