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More tile control - stack specific tiles by two.

Feature Request 

Guessing this is a feature request more then a how to topic.

Getting feedback that it would be nice if the element properties would let us control the stacking of specific tiles.  Using the example below. We would want a property option to stack tile 2 and 3 (planning sites and incident mgtmt.) on desktop experience.  We would expect in responsive grid situations that the stacking would change gracefully based on the page getting smaller or the user viewing it on a tablet or phone.  

Maybe the element property might be for tile 3, "<check box> Stack directly below the tile above (based on device is large enough to achieve this gracefully)?"

How to (short term)

Also curious if there is an existing way to this with element properties or by inserting a custom class.



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The best way to implement this is with live editing experience, not with new options or preview.

We are evaluating few solutions and will keep you updated.

Thank you Alex

OK, later this week.  I am going to paste some sample code that we are struggling with. Thanks.

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