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Ability to turn off/on elements when on desktop, tablet, mobile.

Ignore last feature request that was incomplete.

Background: We are noticing that our yammer embed feed takes forever to load on a mobile. The feed is currently in a CEWP that is in a panel.

Feature Request: We would like the option to turn off this panel on mobile so it wont load on mobile please.

We would then create another panel that was turned off for desktop that has copy like this, "Download the yammer app to have mobile conversations".

Table, TBD, not sure what we would do but having on/off options would be good as well.

Thanks for your time.


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Thank you for your request.

This is in the roadmap, we call this feature: "Visibility ShortPoint" where you will be able to control:

  • Who will see what
  • When to see it
  • Where to see it

We are working on this to become the best in the market. For example, you will be able to do something like this:
Show the second Tile if the current user is working in Dubai office.

Will keep you updated.

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