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top link bar enhancements

Thanks for your time and efforts, we appreciate it.  Scenario, subsites inherit parent site top navigation.

Ability to add a header in the second level as well as links with icons below it along with color control, size, etc.  As well as responsive.

For example the Services link shown below in the image and found here

In this example, All Services is a "header" in the drop down.


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We are working on this. Header, Menu and also footer management and branding features.

One thing we did not plan is the ability to add icons for menu links and header for the second level. Let us think about this and update you.

The issue is, we want to leverage the OOB navigation settings in SharePoint. There you can only add text to the menu item. We can implement this by creating a set of predefined shortcodes to add. For example:

Menu Item with icon: [icon phone]Contacts us

Something like this:


ShortPoint engine will handle rendering the final look of the menu using CSS and Javascript

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Agreed, leveraging OOTB makes sense and sprinkling in your solution.  Similar options, within reason for the quick launch/left navigation would be useful as well.  Thanks for considering this.

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