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Icon links as well

It would be nice if the icon could be a link as well. For example icon list element that is connected to a sharepoint list.  In the image below the title goes to google. The user will expect the icon to be a link to google as well.


I originally noticed this need on your site, The user expect the three icons to be links but through trial and error the user figures out they have to click on the text.


Side note: it was nice to see that adding an icon sharepoint column... giving item 1 the value "android" and item 2 "adjust"... mapping it to shortpoint Icon resulted the icons showing up.  Good job. Think about putting this feature in your new documentation.




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Awesome feedback.

Icon will be a link in the upcoming release. And we will solve the issue in our website :)

For the second feedback: will be added to the documentation. And also, we will publish a page with all icon names. This will be useful if you want to create a list column in SharePoint to let users select icon.

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Images that will be a link or optional link would be helpful as well.

For example, with image lists using your demo example below. The image would open up the link (youtube video as well).




Links for image lists would be useful as well, might have posted this twice.




We solved this. Now all icons and lists with links will be all linkable

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