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Known Issue: X Timeline Displays 'Nothing to see here - yet'


You currently have a ShortPoint X (formerly known as Twitter) Design Element or a Code Design Element connected to an X Embedded timeline on your page, and you are seeing this status:

Nothing to see here - yet


A recent change from X is preventing the X timeline to load when it is embedded on a page. You can see information about this issue by opening the Developer tools from your browser.

Option 1: On your SharePoint page, right click using the mouse and select Inspect.

Right click and click inspect

Option 2: Another way to open Developer tools is to click the (1) browser settings (2) More Tools and select (3) Developer Tools.

Open Developer Tools

A new window will appear. Switch to the Console tab and you will see this message from X below (Sometimes you have to scroll up/down to see this message):

Twitter message in Console

Here are the links from X that you may want to check for further information:

 [Update] There have been recent updates to Embedded X Timelines and supported parameters. 

•For more information on what has changed, visit: Embedded Timelines Update Parameters Support

•Please submit feedback or report any bugs: Submit Feedbacks or bugs

Note: Please know that ShortPoint is already using the latest API, but despite that it still can't establish connection to X.


In our latest finding, the user needs to be logged in to their X account to see your feed. Otherwise, they will continue to see this status.

If you want your feed to appear even when the user is not logged in to X, unfortunately, there is currently no workaround for this. Using the SharePoint X web part will also display the same message.

However, you have the option to show a different display from X by going to their publishing link:

Note: To use other X embeds such as Embedded Posts or X button, you can use the ShortPoint Code Design Element to add it to your page. Please visit Introducing ShortPoint Code Design Element to get the steps on how to do this.

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