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ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode Feature: History Window

All design edits you make with the new ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode are automatically recorded through its History feature. This gives you ready access to review changes you made in a ShortPoint web part or restore to previous versions when the new ones do not make the cut. It also provides the assurance that you will not lose any important modifications when the page refreshes or your editing session ends for any reason.

NoteShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode was formerly known as Visual Builder and Grid Mode was formerly known as Wireframe Builder.



  • You upgraded to the ShortPoint SPFx version 8.0.x.xx or later on Office 365 (SharePoint Online) or SharePoint 2019 environment;
  • You are a ShortPoint User with an active license.

What is the History Window?

The History Window lists the design edits you made while in the ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode interface, starting from the last saved state of the web part you are working on. Each item contains information about your activity including the Design Element where it was applied, what was changed, and how much time passed since you completed it. 

You can easily restore the web part to a specific point in your editing activity if you do not like your recent changes. This gives you the freedom to experiment with your design decisions, discard what does not work, and retain what does. 

Note that this feature is not available in the Grid Mode.

history window button

How to restore to the previous state of a ShortPoint web part?

Follow these steps to restore your web part back to a specific state in your editing activity:

Step 1: Access the History Window in Live Mode

Go to the Floating Page Settings bar while in Live Mode and press the clock icon.

hit history button

Step 2: Determine the state you want to retrieve

Review your activity and identify the last state of your page from the History window list that you want to keep.

review edits made

Step 3: Select state and complete

Press the edited state you want to restore your page to. Your page will revert to your edits as of this state in real-time. When ready, click the check button on the History window to complete the action.

Note: All edits you previously made after the restored state will be discarded once you begin editing again. Please ensure that you carefully select the proper state you want to retrieve.

select edit state

Step 4: Resume editing

You can now go back to editing the web part and make new design decisions for your SharePoint page.

How to restore unsaved changes?

When you accidentally close a page while editing a ShortPoint web part, or it closes for any other reason, restoring changes that were not saved will be straightforward with the ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode AutoRecover feature.

Step 1: Return to edit mode

Navigate back to editing the ShortPoint web part you were working on. As soon as you enter the web part edit mode, you will get a notification asking you to take action on unsaved changes from your last session.

Step 2: Press Yes to restore unsaved changes

When you click on Yes, the unsaved changes from your last session will be restored. You also have the option to ignore the unsaved changes by choosing No, discard them. This will let you begin editing from the last saved state of your web part. 

unsaved changes warning

Step 3: Resume editing

You can now continue editing your page to create the layout and design you want to achieve.

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