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Migration from Online to Online Environments (Office 365 / Sharepoint 2019)

ShortPoint fully supports SharePoint Online to Online site migration using a third-party migration tool. We will provide you direction on how to complete this task in this article.

Note: There are several third-party migration tools you can opt to use. Here, we are describing the general steps based on our experience with using two applications:

Contact our support team ( if you encounter issues or need assistance when using other tools.



  • You have a working third-party migration tool installed
  • You have administrator permissions on the old and new SharePoint environments
  • You have a license provisioned for the new environment

Step 1: Set-up migration tool

Follow your third-party migration tool’s instructions in entering your source and destination site addresses and credentials.

Step 2: Exclude ShortPoint application components

When you are ready to select Site Objects you wish to migrate, you will need to exclude or deselect the following items:

In Lists and Libraries*

  • ShortPoint Dashboard

In Content Types*

  • ShortPoint Branding Settings
  • ShortPoint Connections
  • ShortPoint User Defined ShortPoints

In List Columns*

  • SettingValue
  • ConnectionData
  • ShortPointCode
  • ShortPointType
  • ShortPointAssets
  • ShortPointOnlineAssets

*These are ShareGate categories and may have a different name in another migration tool. Please note the items that need to be excluded and search for equivalent items to deselect before starting to migrate.

Note: Most migration tools will have a migrate-all option. We do not advise the use of this option as this will adversely affect ShortPoint application installation in the new site.

Once items are excluded, you can proceed to the next steps to migrate the site contents to the new site.

You will notice that the new site pages with ShortPoint design elements are still blank. The next steps will complete the migration.

Step 3: Install and activate ShortPoint

You can now add the ShortPoint SPFx application to your new site, install, and activate it.

Please see the steps in the following references:

For ShortPoint Online (Office 365)

For ShortPoint 2019

Once the ShortPoint application is activated, you will then see your newly migrated pages.

Step 4: Import Theme Builder Customizations

Custom page settings made through ShortPoint Theme Builder do not automatically get copied to the new site. 

Please import these from the old site by following the steps indicated in this article: Export and Import Customizations

Note: All custom changes in Theme Builder will be imported except Color Palette settings. These have to be manually set.

Your site is now moved to its new environment.

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