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How to One-Click Upgrade to ShortPoint SPFx Beta/Preview Release

Please note: this article is old and dedicated to ShortPoint versions that are currently outdated. Starting with ShortPoint SPFx 7.1.5.xx version (New Upgrade) and later, upgrading to Beta version process is slightly different. To know more about New Upgrade, please check these articles:


Some ShortPoint SPFx versions are released as beta, or preview.

The upgrade process will be slightly different with these versions. You will not be notified to upgrade anywhere in the product. 

To try the beta version, please complete the steps below.

Before we begin

This article is for you if you are using: ShortPoint SPFx on:

  • Office 365 environment;
  • SharePoint 2019 environment.

Step 1: Open ShortPoint Dashboard

From anywhere in your SharePoint site, please click the settings cog wheel in the ribbon and select Site Contents.
There, click ShortPoint Dashboard:

Step 2: Go to the Reinstallation & Upgrade page:

Select the Reinstallation & Upgrade tile in the Dashboard:

Step 3: Upgrade

You will see a new message saying Upgrade to latest Beta version x.x.x.x:

Switch the control to ON (1) and you will see the Beta version indicated on the blue Install button (2)

Click the Install button to install the Beta version.

Step 4: Wait until ready

Ready! Here is what you will see when the upgrade is completed successfully:

*To see all the improvements we have incorporated into any new release, please check the release notes page on our official website.

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