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Known Issue: Images/Videos Disappear from TOC Content Design Element after Few Hours of Being Visible


If you have pasted an image or a video to your TOC Content Design Element and can't see it anymore after a few hours after the page was saved or published, this article is for you.

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The reason behind this issue is an ambiguity between Froala Editor and ShortPoint behavior that we are looking forward to fix in the future.


Please follow the steps below to bring your image or video back to the page.

Step 1: Replace the image/video

After pasting the image inside the TOC Content, click the replace icon button:

Step 2: Copy the image/video address

Navigate back to the original image, right click and select Copy image address

Step 3: Paste the copied image/video address

Go back to the TOC Content, paste the copied address in the input field, replace it and hit Enter.

Step 4: Save the page

Click Update and save your page.

That's it. The image or video in the TOC Content now should not disappear.

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