It is impossible to finish ShortPoint SPFx installation because while installing from Dashboard, the installation is stuck on "Provision Page References to Host Web":


The user is trying to install ShortPoint on a subsite having no access to the parent site.


The admin has to grant the user at least the Read permissions to the parent site (make him a part of the Site Visitors group). For example, if the user is installing ShortPoint SPFx on, he has to at least have Read permissions to

To do this, please ask your Site Collection administrator to:

1) Open the parent site;

2) Open the parent site Site Settings (through pressing the top-right cog wheel in the Suite Bar and choosing Site Settings, or, in newer experience, Site Information > View All Site Settings);

3) Click Site Permissions:

4) Choose the Visitors group:

5) Click the arrow next to New and click Add users - Add users to this group.

6) Add the user installing ShortPoint SPFx on a subsite into the group and press Share:

That's it.

Now, after the user tries to install ShortPoint SPFx onto the subsite of this site, he will have his installation finished succesfully: