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How to Confirm That The Latest ShortPoint SPFx Is Installed on Your Site

Let's make sure that you have the latest version installed on your SharePoint site.


Interactive Tutorial

Click the Get Started button to follow the steps in checking the ShortPoint version installed on your site.

Step-by-step Tutorial

Here are the detailed steps

Step 1: Open ShortPoint Dashboard

  • Go to the SharePoint suite bar and click the cogwheel icon
  • Open Site Contents
  • Select ShortPoint Dashboard

In Modern experience


In Classic experience

Step 2: Compare the version numbers

On the ShortPoint Dashboard you will find a series of numbers. This is the version number that is installed on your site.

ShortPoint version number

The same version number should be listed in ShortPoint Roadmap page on our website.

ShortPoint roadmap page

If you see the older version, please upgrade it to the newest one.

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