Many time you come across requirement when you want to use File Type field in-order to inform ShortPoint about Document Type so it can process the icon:

Getting File Type using REST API Connection to Document Library

The column name you are looking for is File_x0020_Type

For example, your query looks like this:

Example URL:'Templates')/items?$select=FileLeafRef,EncodedAbsUrl,Modified,Created,Editor/Title&$expand=Editor&$orderby=FileLeafRef%20asc

You need to make sure you append File_x0020_Type to the query as highlighted below:

Example URL:'Templates')/items?$select=FileLeafRef,EncodedAbsUrl,Modified,Created,Editor/Title,File_x0020_Type&$expand=Editor&$orderby=FileLeafRef%20asc


Once you connect ShortPoint element using above URL, you would see a new mapped column called File_x0020_Type in your mappings section:

That's it! You will start seeing file icons now: