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Connection Type: REST API

With the REST API connection type, you can get data from your sites or the other sources on the internet and display it on your pages.

Note: A REST API is an application program interface (API) that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data. Currently, ShortPoint REST API connection type only supports GET requests.

Here is an example of how it may look like on your page: 

REST API example 



Step 1: Add a ShortPoint Design Element

You can choose and add any ShortPoint Design Element you want. ShortPoint Design Elements can be easily added to your pages using ShortPoint Page Builder.

  • Modern page:

You can start with adding a ShortPoint web part to your page by clicking the plus sign and selecting ShortPoint from the list of the web parts. 

Add ShortPoint a Modern page

  • Classic page:

1. Choose the Insert tab in the Ribbon.

2. Click the blue Insert button.

Add ShortPoint a Classic page

Then, select the chosen ShortPoint Design Element from your Page Builder menu. For the purposes of this article, we are using Simple Lists.

Simple Lists

Step 2: Connect your Design Element to the REST API

Switch to Connect tab and select the REST API connection option.

REST API from Connect tab

Enter the REST API URL you would like to get the data from to the REST API URL field, and click Connect.


Wait for the connection to load.

Connected successfully

Now the REST API is connected. To complete the connection, we need to map the fields, as shown above.

Please proceed to the next step to take.

Note: You will see data information in the Data Example field, if you have connected correctly. 

Data example

Step 3: Map the Items

Switch to the Items tab.

Items tab

Map the corresponding properties to display on your page. Click the chain icon and choose the option you would like to map from the drop-down.

Items mapping - chain icon

In our example we mapped the Title field with the Title, Description field with the Description content from the site and selected lightbox as a linking option.

Items mapping example

Note: Check our ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial for more information on how ShortPoint Connect works.

Step 4: Click Insert and save the page

You can click Preview button to check how it will be displayed on your page.


Then, click Insert and save the page.


Note: If you are editing the element not for the first time, instead of Insert you will see the Update button.


Here is a sample web part that uses ShortPoint Connect REST API option:

REST API example

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