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Disable ShortPoint on a Page Using a URL Parameter

Before we begin:

  • The solution described in this article will only disable ShortPoint on the given page temporarily, it will not remove anything from your page at all. As soon as you remove that query string, you will start seeing your page the way it was before.
  • This option is available for you if you have installed ShortPoint SPFx Version or higher. 

How to disable ShortPoint using URL parameter for a specific page

Quick steps to disable ShortPoint on the page using URL parameter for your testing purpose or something you have exceptional need to have a plain page without ShortPoint.

Step 1. Navigate to page where you want to disable ShortPoint

Navigate to the page where you would want to disable ShortPoint using URL parameter in your SharePoint environment.

Step 2. Append query string spdisable with value 1 (spdisable=1)

Append the query string URL with parameter name as spdisable and value as 1 to your page URL right after the page name. 

For example, if your page URL is something like:

you should put spdisable like this:

And if your page URL is like:

then you should put spdisable like this:


Navigation for the whole steps

That's it!

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