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How to Create a Modern Page (on a Modern SharePoint Site)

This article will demonstrate how to create a SharePoint page on your modern SharePoint site.


Interactive Tutorial

Start the interactive tutorial to learn how to create a SharePoint page:

PRO DESIGN TIP  Looking for a way to make your modern page look more like a website? ShortPoint is your answer! Find out more about ShortPoint and how it can help you create stunning SharePoint pages in Want to Upgrade the Look of your SharePoint Page?

Step-by-step Tutorial

Follow the steps below for a detailed guide on creating a SharePoint page:

Step 1: Create a New Page

  • Go to the SharePoint site you want to use and click New.


  • Select Page.
  • Choose your preferred Page Template.
  • Click Create Page.

Step 2: Customize your Page

  • Add a Page Title.
  • Add the content you want to showcase using SharePoint web parts. 

NOTE To learn more about adding SharePoint web parts, check out How to add a SharePoint Web Part.

Step 3: Publish

  • Once you are satisfied with all your edits, click Publish.
  • Click the cross icon to see your page.

That’s it! You now know how to create a SharePoint page.

Want to Upgrade the Look of your SharePoint Page?

SharePoint allows you to easily create a page for your organization. However, it does have some limitations when it comes to design.

This is where ShortPoint comes in handy! ShortPoint is a SharePoint add-in that allows you to create stunning pages that look like a website with no coding required. It has hundreds of ready-made templates that you can use to quickly build your page. In addition, it has over 60 Design Elements that allow you to present content in unique ways. 

Click Get Started to see for yourself how ShortPoint can transform your basic SharePoint page into an engaging website:

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