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ShortPoint SPFx Support Release

We have released today a new Support Release patch for both Office365 & the SharePoint 2019 platforms, here are what's included in this patch:

#Customer Issues Fixes

  • Web Parts Typography settings will now work as expected.
  • ShortPoint Footer will now be displayed on Classic pages.
  • Header will no longer show on mobile devices after hiding it from the Theme Builder.
  • Tiles Design Element horizontal text alignment will align description properly.
  • Added new option to map User Image(s) for Person Column on a List View Connection.

#What’s Fixed

  • Image List/Tiles Elements will now display Banner Images from News Posts.
  • Full Width Section will no longer get cut on the right side of the Page.
  • Tiles icon font size or Tiles size will now be calculated when visibility settings are applied to the parent Element
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